Olivia Gutzwiller is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver with a Diploma in Herbal Medicine. She has a passion for helping people get to their healthiest and happiest through food with herbs and addressing their lifestyle.

I believe that every aspect of our life plays a key role in our happiness and health the two of which are tightly connected. Being aware, hearing what your own body has to say and knowing how to respond to those needs will change the life of every one.

My daily Ashtanga practice at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver has helped me to be aware of my own body and mind and to treat them well. Getting onto my mat every day is a powerful medicine itself and helps me stay grounded and connected.

Being hands on with foods and herbs is a therapy and stress relief for me. That might be in the kitchen cooking meals, in the field planting,weeding and harvesting vegetables or out in the forrest gathering herbs and edible plants.
My curiosity and thirst for knowledge has brought me to many different continents, countries and places on this incredible planet. I am passionate about different cultures and individuals and strongly believe that we can learn something of each and every person if we decide to listen what they have to say or share. I am thankful for all my encounters with young and old near and far who have made me grow and become the person I am,

My goal is to educate people around the world and encourage them to live in tune with their body and our planet, accepting and welcoming the changes and challenges of life.

life happens for you not to you

with love